Lineage II: ReWorld

START 14.10.2023

L2ReWorld c1x1

The server is based on binaries from Master Toma

Rates: Exp 1/SP 1/Adena 1/Drop 1/Spoil 1

Maximum of allowed windows for 1 IP: 3 windows.

The server has an .offline trading function, automatic use of shots, as well as the /unstuck function (via the .menu command).

We remind players that on the C1x1 server it is prohibited to use software or equipment that emulates the presence of a player in the game or automates game processes, such as bots, clickers. For violation of this rule, the account from which the software was launched will be blocked, and in case of repeated relapses, all other twink accounts will be blocked.

START 14.11.2020

L2ReWorld c1x10

The server is based on binaries from Master Toma. We took as a basis the server of the first chronicles, which stole our hearts back in 2004 and, if possible, add all the successful updates of the next versions.

We do not forbid you to launch many boxes, as many do today, but we try to make the very idea of creating a large number of boxes meaningless.

We make the game pleasant and comfortable and do not prohibit the use of additional programs, but we will be ruthless to those who abuse our loyalty.

Rates: Exp 10/SP 10/Adena 10/Drop 10/Spoil 10

GM shop with essential goods

NPC Buffer with buff in 24 hours

New game locations

New Epic Bosses

New Raid Bosses