To start the game, create a folder Lineage 2, download the auto-updater to this folder, run it. Click the "Full Check" button if the download did not start automatically. Wait for the program to download all files. Congratulations, the client is ready to run.

If you have downloaded the full client, it is also recommended to run an update to the latest version via the L2reworld.exe auto-updater

Some antivirus programs do not allow you to run the game.

Some antivirus programs recognize Vista7.dll as a virus and remove it, because of which the client stops running.

If your anti-virus program has deleted the files needed for the game, run the auto-updater and click the "fast update" button.

Game Client - C1 x1

Full Client L2Reworld Updater

Game Client - C1 x10

Full Client L2Reworld Updater

Client Patches

To install patches you need to download and unzip the files to the folder with the game

Map with colorful zones Patch on Underwear Patch delete Wiindows frame

Collection of useful programs for players

Arum Swicher (If Alt+B Destroys the Client) MultiWin (Remote Controler For Dual Box) Offline Data Base Lineage 2 Chronicle 1 L2 Informer v 0.6 Crafter (Each Dwarf And Clan Leader Must Have) IG L2 Walker 1.20 IG L2 Walker 1.46 OOG L2 Walker 10.2.3 Bandicam (Video Recorder) TargetPlus (Clicker For AutoSS And More)